Blossom Gloom Slip-Ons


Explore a world of contrasting beauty with our Blossom Gloom Slip-Ons. Crafted from luxurious leather, these slip-on shoes feature intricate embroidery boasting an array of colorful flowers against a backdrop of deep, enigmatic darkness.

Dive into the captivating blend of vibrant blooms and a touch of mystique with the Blossom Gloom Slip-Ons. Available in timeless shades of white, black, striking orange, and serene blue, these shoes effortlessly fuse artistic expression with everyday comfort.

Choose Blossom Gloom for footwear that dances on the fine line between elegance and intrigue, adding a unique dimension to your style.


Black, Navy Blue, Orange, white


36, 37, 38, 39, 40


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